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With a solid background as a professional and practicing nurse, you can also become an entrepreneur in the nursing field. The most significant benefits of being an entrepreneur as a nurse include picking your patients as well as your coworkers, being your own boss, and knowing your work goals like fulfilling some requirements with your nursing expertise or perhaps making money any way you decide. Also, you can do the work you love at a flexible schedule.

Nurse Entrepreneurs make use of their nursing education as well as their business background to begin enterprises within the healthcare industry creating, supporting and running their companies. Some also develop medical devices, electronic systems, and home health products.

Some opportunities in this field include;

Senior citizen assistance

A lot of elderly individuals need assistance with different simple household tasks like laundry, cleaning, and so forth. With over 77 million baby boomers going into their senior years, this senior business sector is budding. In most cases, as they get older, seniors look for a way to remain social. If you already have a passion for aiding the elderly, the home companion business might be a perfect idea. 

Health blogging

A lot of people make millions yearly from blogging, and a nurse blog is an excellent avenue to make money. The area is largely untapped, and the healthcare field remains relevant, unlike news and entertainment.
​A nurse blog which is duly and regularly updated with interesting content will attract traffic from different sources and build a dedicated readership.

Equipment sale

This enterprise is a significant revenue stream because a lot of people often require medical and non-medical devices which may not be covered by Medicare. Other clients want slip-and-fall alert devices, raised shower chairs and video monitors.
Engaging in equipment sale is excellent, and nurse entrepreneurs don't need to own a physical store to sell them. Drop shipping is a grand idea in this area. They can use drop shipping to sell these medical and non-medical items.

Childcare centers

You can care for kids during the day by starting a day care center in your own home. There are roughly 75,000 licensed daycare facilities in the United States. The price for each kid ranges from about $45 to $200 per week.

Some states make a license compulsory to run any day care center. Simply arrange a meeting with the licensing specialist to evaluate the procedures to get your license.

Nurse Educator

As an entrepreneur nurse, you can also succeed by teaching other nurses at any certification or training programs for nurses. Even though this business option will not make you wealthy, it will fetch you just enough cash to clear some bills.

Concierge nurse

With concierge medicine, entrepreneur nurses associate themselves with a service which charges a collection of patients a yearly membership for duties like house calls and appointments.

Nurse health coach

Any Registered Nurse can be called “nurse coach” while remaining within their scope of nursing practice when tutoring patients without other certification. This permits nurses legally to begin their business and coach other people in their profession. Also, a lot of insurance companies employ nurses as health coaches to keep their clients healthy in an effort to decrease their spending.
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